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My Beautiful Qahir (His name means victorious Conqueror)

For 10 years i have loved this breed!

The first Azawakh ever to grace the shores of Australia was my Qahir's grandmother (Ch. Worgeordie Endidi Na'ema (Imp UK) Ruma. She was just stunning and i was so fascinated by her i was driven to know more!

Thankfully Debra and Tahlee didn't mind the millions of questions i had! lol

Due to things in my life i was never in a position i thought was right to bring a puppy home until now!

It has and still is the most amazing feeling getting to know my little boy and learn his ways.

A stunning but unusual breed.... To know their love is so very special...

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 Jumadabey Qahir
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Contact Details
Vanessa Taylor
Pyramid Hill, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0432-036-613
Email : [email protected]

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